Privacy Policy

Key highlights:

  • We do not and will never sell your personal data to any third parties.
  • All posts are public and viewable and searchable by anyone around the world.
  • User profile information is public and can be viewed by anyone (exceptions are Date of Birth and Gender, see below).

The information we collect

Basic Account Information

When registering for a new account, you provide us with some personal information.  Of these, the following are not public and are used only for understanding the demographic profiles / trends of our users:

  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

All other details are public and can be viewed by anyone on the user profile screen.

Posts / Messages

All content submitted by you may be retained by us indefinitely, even after you terminate your account.

Location Information

You may opt-in to attach your location to the posts you create.  This option can be modified from the Settings screen.

Log Data

Whenever you sign-in to the application, the following details are recorded:

  • IP address.
  • Session start / end times.
  • Device information including the OS and OS version.

This information is stored for 12 months for security reasons.